At New Life K9s, we have served Veterans and First Responders on the Central Coast for over nine years. Our program trains and places life-changing service dogs with Veterans and First Responders diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder at no cost to them. We have trained and placed 68 dogs to assist veterans and first responders in varying capacities.

Studies have shown that ⅓ of combat veterans who seek treatment are diagnosed with PTSD. With over 20,000 Veterans and First Responders in San Luis Obispo County alone, the need for these amazing dogs won’t go away soon. We do this by partnering with California Men’s Colony, the local state prison, teaching incarcerated men to train the dogs that go on to positively impact lives, thereby providing rehabilitation to the incarcerated population so they can become productive members of society upon release from prison.


How Is Your Donation Being Used?

Medical Needs for K9s

One of the highest costs in training service dogs, is medical treatment and routine care. This cost is crucial in making sure the dogs we train are healthy long-lived dogs for their owners.

More Pups

Funding provides us the opportunity to purchase and train more potential service dogs. This means more opportunities to help Veterans and First Responders in need. The average cost to train a service dog is $10,000 - $20,000

Food & Treats

Our average cost to feed one service dog in training for the year is $500-$1000. Not to mention all the rewarding treats used for training and good behavior. As well as training equipment and essentials.


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