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November 18, 2018

A Bicycle and a Dog

by Wally

When I was a young boy, the two things I wanted most in life, was a bicycle and a dog. I was never allowed to have either. I have long since put the bicycle out of my mind, however, I’ve never stopped longing for a dog. Dog ownership was not, and is not, the persistent wish. My interest was always in the relationship with a creature I adored. You are never alone or unloved when you are with a dog.

I had not touched a dog in over forty years during my incarcerated term. When I heard about the NLK9s program while housed at another prison, I decided I would do everything possible to transfer to CMC-West, and apply for admission to this program. It was an extremely difficult task, especially being rejected on my first interview, but I have persisted and made it in the program.

I love all our dogs, I even loved them before I got to know them. I would watch them being walked by the E yard dining room where I worked and wondered if I would get the chance to work with them.

I was the last one in my group to newly assigned inmates to be assigned a dog, so I took a positive outlook, someone has to be last.

I’ve been assigned to Angel and she is a perfect angel. I love her beyond measure. I wake up each morning and my first thought is her, and she is my last thing I think about when I go to sleep. I love how she smells, I love every bark (almost), and when she is happy and wagging her little tail, I’m teary eyed.

At 71 years, I’m a boy again! I’m happy beyond anything I could have imagined. I'm no longer in a prison.

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