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Dazzle's Poem

by William Segura

I don’t remember, the exact day you arrived

or the exact time, you entered my life

Yet one thing I remember, is exactly the hour

That's exactly the moment, I knew this journey was ours


You came to my life with a look that asked why

The world was so scary you spoke with kind eyes

I tried my best, to show you the truth

That I promise to show you, the best that I know


I thought I knew best, I’d quickly retort

I made such mistakes, my best came up short

I shuold have known better, in hindsight it’s clear

Yet despite my misgivings, you conquered your fears


I remember the moment, you looked with sure gaze

As you strode by the loud beast, that caused you dismay

You spoke with your trot, your eyes looked to say

Dad you were right, I’m not longer afraid


When you faced your fears, I’d well up with pride

As I thought to myself, you’re so much braver than I

The lessons you’ve taught me, I’ll do my best to abide

As I continue forward, I’ll hold you always inside


Well it seems that our journey has come to an end

Yet I know that your purpose will come to transcend

All the lives that will smile as your kindness will show

As you live your life for others, that’s the Dazzle I know

Inmate handler William is working at California Men's Colony in San Luis Obispo.

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