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September 20, 2019

Learning Together

by Raymond

A question was asked to me, "What do I hope to get out of the program?" Not fully understanding the vastness of the New Life K9's program, my thought was limited. I only thought about giving and not about receiving, but oh how I was wrong. In the short time I have spent among the dogs and their handlers, my eyes have been opened to a much bigger picture. The road of teaching seems to be a two way street-- dog learning from man and man learning from dog. "Patience" is a word I often hear and it is both dog and man learning it an once, sharing in the experience. Affection is an action I observe often, and it is both dog and man learning it at once. And finally, trust is something demonstrated often and, again, it is both man and dog learning it together. So, if I was asked the question again, what do I hope to get out of the program, I would say all the above and more. Patience, affection, and trust are not popular in the environment I am currently in, but I will choose to be vulnerable to the process and hope to become a better person from it. Lastly, the joy I have recieved from simply being in the presence of these dogs has already impacted my life. I feel so very grateful and blessed to be a part of this great endeavor to give back, and thankful to all who make this possible.

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