Send A Valentine Gift

Make Valentine's Day Special for Our Dogs & Handlers!

Love day is coming up and we'd love to send a Valentine's Day gift to our dogs and handlers on your behalf! Write them a warm message with words of gratitude and motivation to encourage them! Here's how to send a gift:

  1. Click Send a gift button to be directed to our form
  2. Choose a team to send a gift to by clicking on the dropdown menu on the form 
  3. You may select multiple teams and multiple quantities of each gift    
  4. Please write your personalized message and specify which team it's for if you're purchasing a gift for multiple teams!
  5. Select the type of gift you'd like to send the team(s)
  6. Fill out your information so we can tell the team(s) who their gift is from!

See our gift options

The hardest part will be choosing what pups to send a gift to. So why not pick a couple of teams?! ☺