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Team Blitzen

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We have raised $219.28 of our $10,000.00  goal.

*as of 7/15/2020

About Blitzen

Hello everybody! My name is Blitzen. Yup! Just like Santa's reindeer. I think it's because I was born on a cold December day. I have a yellow fluffy coat and cool yellow eyes. I got here at CMC-West at 4months old along with my sister Dancer. This is all new to use but everyone here has made us feel at home.

From Blitzen's Handlers

"Blitzen is my family. He makes me feel loved, we share all those special moments I've been missing: joy, laughter, fun, and even moments of frustration. But we always work things out because in the end it's all about the love we share. He's my other son." -Ismael

Watch handlers Ismael and Nicolas on Team Blitzen share personal life stories on prison, family, and the New Life K9s program.

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