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Team Dazzle

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We have raised $10,000.00 of our $10,000.00  goal.

*as of 2/11/2020

About Dazzle

My name is Dazzle. I am a Golden Retriever who lives with 11 labradors. My best Friend is Cole, a Yellow Lab who is closest to me in age. We like to wrestle, chase and play tug together. Being part of NLK9s is awesome; I get showered with love and attention all day. My favorite toys are a stuffed moose and a stuffed carrot.

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From Dazzle's Handlers

"With Team Dazzle I learned to be patient while being with her because she is still a puppy of 5 months and very very energetic and happy, but our bond was not as strong as mine and Curtis at the time, but now that I’ve been able to spend time with her more than before, we’re finally bonded and I am happy to see her just as I can see it in her eye that she is happy to see me as well. It is a great and joyful feeling. I’m proud of my dogs and I’m hoping they can make somebody else happy just like myself." -Sunny Sihavong 

"Dazzle has taught me that even when things are daunting or overwhelming they can be overcome with persistence and patience." -William

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