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We have raised $10,000.00 of our goal.

*as of 8/6/2019

About Delta

Hello there, (said with a syrupy southern drawl). My name is Delta and I'm as laid back as a lizard laying out on a rock. My handler, who calls me his "Little Cowboy," says that I am a very special yellow Labrador puppy that is going to save someone's life someday--I can't wait! Everyday I am becoming more confident and secure while always holding onto my child-like qualities because I know that these are things that make me special to everyone (being lovable, playful, gentle, analytical, and eager to be of service). You just don't know how great it is for everyone around you to love you and treat you like a big bungle of joy every time they see you! If I could stay a puppy forever I think I just might. My favorite things to do are playing in the water outside, chomping on my little furry squeaky bird, devouring a new rawhide until it looks like an old wet sock, taking sniffy-walks, playtime with my other buddies (dogs), and wrestling with my silly handler who makes us both laugh and act goofy. I make my handler feel safe like he makes me feel safe too, and he says that is going to be very important in my life as I get older. I will say that I am not a big fan of sunlight/heat, even though I do like going outside and playing (that will probably change as I grow). I'm learning how to walk on the leash pretty well right now, even though my legs are a lot shorter than the older dogs. But, you better believe I'm going to be running past everyone like a field and track star when I get longer legs and can leave 'em all in the dust! I will admit, I am a total ham when it comes to the picture thing and letting everyone see how handsome I am. Two hands in and lovey-hugs from strangers always makes my tail wag! Oh! And of course, an extra bit of kibble gets my tail wagging too! My handler is teaching me how to be polite in public and stay near him when we are on our way somewhere. I don't think he realizes though, I'm the one that is actually teaching him new things everyday. If I can make someone happy everyday of my life I think that everything for me is going to be just fine, friends. So, if you happen to see me, the "Little Cowboy" out and about, remember I am going to save someone's life!

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From Delta's Handlers

"Sometimes we start to live our lives the right way after having lived it the way in which I had for many years, (selfishly and poorly), so when you begin to fix yourself, as I always refer it, there’s things that you can’t learn on your own about yourself and that’s how having Delta makes me feel like. Through him I can now learn the fundamental principles on how to value life around me, just as I always should have been; not to mention the true sense of the word 'bond,' (trust)." - Keith Erickson

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