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We have raised $11,000.00 of our $10,000.00  goal.

*as of 8/6/2019

About Donovan

I was born on May 5, 2017. I get really excited when all of the sudden out of no where I see my human friends in the same room as me, even though we had been in the same room for 5 minutes. My favorite game is tug and going swimming! I am learning about colors and shapes, how to identify objects, and building confidence.

From Donovan's Handlers

“I have been lucky enough to be Donovan's primary Handler/Teacher for 14 months. We have grown together, we have learned much about each other, and we have loved one another. Donovan is a very special little boy/dog who loves to love, be affectionate, play his heart out, meet new people and seems to always be there when I need him. When ever I feel down, stressed, or overwhelmed I just look up and he seems to always be there with his tail wagging and his beautiful liquid eyes saying "Here I am". He has taught me much about my self and has shown me a unique perspective on how to view the world around me. He looks at everything with fresh, inquisitive, bright curious eyes that discover the wonders of the life around him. He play-bowed to a bumble bee so that they could be friends. He's amazing. Thank you." -Wesley

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