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Team Gracie

We have raised $1,460.95 of our $10,000.00  goal.

*as of 12/7/2020

About Gracie

Hi, I'm Gracie, but my humans like to call me princess. I was born May 28, 2017. At 8 weeks old, I became part of the New Life k9s family just like all my friends. My favorite subject in class is nose work. I am able to find a ring that has been put in a bottle, and that has been hidden on a shelf. I love to play hide and seek and spend time at the beach tanning! I am now a warrior support dog!

From Gracie's Handlers

"The time that I have been able to spend with both Gracie and Eddie has been valuable with many lessons learned along the way. My mission as their handler was to help teach them to one day become a service dog so that they help a veteran or first responder who has PTSD. What is often not mentioned throughout this process is how influential the dogs can be for us and our own growth. Eddie was the first service dog I was placed with and as his secondary  handler I learned how to be responsible. Eddie taught me that he had needs and relied on us to take care of him and set him up for success. I learned that I always needed to find time for him  and put my own matters to the side and tend to him at that moment. Eddie, ultimately prepared me to eventually be a primary handler for Gracie. I have been Gracie’s primary handler since she arrived here at CMC west when she was 8 weeks old. Gracie has taught me so much  during our time together. I learned how to be patient and understanding, while raising her from the young puppy to the beautiful dog she is today. Gracie has truly been here for me and has helped me get through  some difficult times. Gracie’s love has helped me deal with my own issues of anxiety and PTSD." -Tony Urbina

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