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We have raised $10,000.00 of our $10,000.00  goal.

*as of 12/7/2020

About Koa

Hello my name is Koa. I am suppose to share a little bit of who I am and how I came to be with you, but the truth is, I have a "black out" period... I do not know how I ended up in prison with a two year old sentence. And I only came to realize my name is Koa because the humans, (I think that's what they are called), are constantly calling me that.

I am one out of six other Retrievers, and the rumor in Puppyville is that with good behavior we will be given weekend furloughs. I look forward to these; I have seen some of the bigger dogs, that have been here longer, getting them and they return very excited with spectacular toys and shoes. So, in keeping with my curious nature I really want to sniff and chew as I explore what is found on the other side of this chain linked fence. I have two human handlers and they both tell me I am royalty and destined to be a great service dog, helping others. I do not know what service dog means, but I can tell you everyone treats me like royalty. I even have a purple harness; they tell me it's a royal color. I'm very friendly, love to please humans, am very playful and can keep up with the big dogs; I'm very cautious and observant. Be careful, if you leave anything near me, I will sniff it and chew on it; I'm normally very obedient, unless I'm distracted or want to learn about my environment on a sniffy walk. I can walk straight on the leash until I get distracted or stopped by humans to adore me... squirrel? If I'm writing this for my future caretaker, know that I love to bond with humans, have a good temper, say (bark) very little, relaxed, love to play, cuddle, easily entertained, love belly rubs, and may be little, but will eat like a horse if you like me. Treats, treat, treats!

Still growing and understand the world,


From Koa's Handlers

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