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We have raised $6,139.42 of our $10,000.00  goal.

*as of 7/13/2021

About Moose

Hello everybody, my name is Moose! I was born on September 9th 2018 and I am a chocolate lab. I love green beans, apples, and yeah pretty much anything food related. My best buddy used to be Bravo, but now it’s Ned (the new kid in town). But, of course, my two favs are Kevin and Damian! I also love going for sniffy walks and searching for weed roots to pull up and eat. They are so yummy! My life goal is to be the best service dog ever, so me and my handlers are working on all the skills that I'll need. It’s going to be a piece of cake, we got this! Thanks for looking me up! Check back in later for future updates.

Signing out,

Moose (aka Bean)

From Moose's Handlers

"When life gives me a sad country song, Moose (aka my Lil' Bean) gives me a Bruno Mars song. He fills me with love, joy, encouragement and strength to face each day. Not only that, but he is helping me grow into the father that I need to be for my children. Patient, understanding, lovable - the list goes on. There's just not enough room to express how much he means to me. I love you, my Lil' Bean." - Damian

"Moose means the world to me, he represents love, devotion and friendship. He gives purpose and meaning to my life in prison. Moose gives me an opportunity to gain back my humanity. By caring for him, teaching him, and loving him, I feel whole once more. Thank you NLK9s for such an amazing dog. I love you Moose." - Kevin

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