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About Ned

Hey everybody, new kid on the block! I was born on November 15, 2018. I may be a young lad, but I know that my name is Ned. I must be pretty important since my inmate handlers pick up after me, open doors for me, and carry me when it rains. I am the happiest curled up in someone's lap, but I really like the game tug too! My humans at the prison teach me things like how to answer their questions with a "Yes" or "No". I also am learning what "ewww" means and how to do a "like me"! I will get to be a Service Dog one day just like my big brother Eddie, and boy, you should see how cool his life is. Keep up with my journey by checking here for updates!

From Ned's Handlers

"The first time Ned licked my face I was smitten. A few days later he curled up in my lap and fell asleep. It was then I knew I truly loved him. I try not to imagine handing him off to a service member, but I know he will be going off to a better life. I hope he remembers me and knows he left me a better person than he found me." - Justin

"Ned has already made a tremendous impact on my life. I knew I couldn't love a dog more than Jett, but I loved Ned equally the first day I spent with him. I'm humbled each time I put Ned's needs before my own. I hope to make him a spectacular service dog. In return, he will make me more patient, caring and loving." - Sergio

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