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We have raised $5,043.56 of our $10,000.00  goal.

*as of 12/7/2020

About Sparrow

Hi my name is Sparrow. I'm an auburn Labradoodle. I'm a new member of New Life K9s here at CTF. I'm having so much fun here. I really like rolling around on the grass and instead of planting like my best bud Ned, I've invented the "flop," haha. I learned what "yes" means. I know the difference between blue and yellow and I'm doing "like me's," just like my big bros Nolan and Jett. I like learning. I get so excited that I start jumping for joy when we play-learn. My handler's J.P. and Felix keep saying how much of a good leash walker I'm becoming, that I'm a good boy, and one day will become a great service dog. They also keep calling me little Toby because I act just like him. I like to eat apples, green beans, peas, peanut butter, string cheese, and especially hot dogs. I like wrestling with Ned and Moose. I just love group exercises. Everyone gives me so much attention and love here that I've learned how to get along and even share my toys now. I love and trust all of my uncles. I love being close to them because I'm a cuddle-bug. I like being held and being close to my people. And I can't wait to get a puppy raiser family so I can cuddle with them too!

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