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Team Toby

About Toby

Hi! Toby is my name, Tob’s for short. I am a Standard Party Poodle, the party is because my fur has tan spots. I was born on October 22, 2016. My favorite activities include outrunning all my friends, chasing them and playing fetch. My handlers have taught me lots of important skills like opening and closing doors, turning the lights on and off, picking up and bringing you items, find items that went missing, help you get up off the ground and answering yes or no questions…those are just to name a few.

From Toby's Handlers

“ There are a million positive things NLK9s has done for me. The key to all of them is Toby. I am truly blessed being Toby’s handler. He gives me strength when I am weak and he brings me joy when I am sad. With Toby by my side I walk a little taller, I speak a little kinder and I love a little freer.....” - Kevin

“ I believe we have the best assignment in CDCR. Waking up every morning knowing I’ve been entrusted to help save lives...NOTHING can top it” - Dennis

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