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Warrior Support Dogs

Warrior Support Dogs are dogs who have been in the New Life K9s program, being raised and taught to work as a service dog, but have not made all the requirements due to a certain behavioral issue out in public, making them not fit for a working as a service dog. 

These dogs are still highly educated and could benefit a person in all aspects of their daily life, excluding places where only service dogs are allowed. Warrior Support Dogs are still given to Veterans and First Responders.

Apply for a Warrior Support Dog


• Veteran or First Responder

• Must have a need for a dog, where in certain aspects of your life a dog could help mitigate struggles.

• Job verification showing you are able to properly care for the dogs financial needs. 

Applicants will be chosen by matching personality and lifestyle to the dog available.

Warrior Support Dog Graduates

Take a look at our warrior support dog graduates and their Veteran or First Responder recipients. Thank you to all of the individuals that put in hard work to make these life-saving placements possible. Thank you to our breeders, volunteer puppy raisers, inmate handlers, canine educators, donors, and supporters.

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