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A Second Chance

Transforming Lives

New Life K9s collaborates with California Men’s Colony in San Luis Obispo, pairing incarcerated individuals looking to make a difference with future service dogs. With two handlers assigned to each dog, participants can provide the time and consistency needed for effective training. During weekends, volunteer Puppy Parents take the dogs home to facilitate community socialization.

This unique program not only lowers expenses for New Life K9s but also enables the organization to place more dogs, ultimately saving more lives. The profound transformation within the incarcerated individuals, the prison staff, and the prison culture as a whole underscores the program's remarkable impact.


Support Our Prison Program by Donating Today

Help us change the lives of incarcerated individuals by making a donation to our program. New Life K9s believes that time served should be meaningful and rehabilitative. Through service dog training and human canine bonding our program can be transformative in many ways

CTF Sergeant

“To me, New Life K9s means an opportunity to be more than just a correctional sergeant giving orders all the time. The program is giving a group of guys an opportunity to express themselves, make decisions without somebody telling them, follow through, and set goals and achieve them. These opportunities for this group of guys would have never been possible if New Life K9s hadn’t come along. Thank you to New Life K9s, the program has not only changed the inmates, it has changed staff, it has changed me.”

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