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Updated: Apr 25

dog and owner practicing yoga

Dogs are called man’s best friend for a reason. They are not only our companions but also our motivational friends. And one motivation a pup can help us with is exercise. Dogs can make great exercise partners, even more so than a human. In this post,we will give you 6 reasons your furry best bud can help motivate you to get up and get moving.


1. Dogs Need Exercise Too

Dogs, just like humans, need regular exercise. This is our number one reason dogs make great exercise buddies. In fact, most dogs need at least 30 minutes of exercise just like we do. Going out and running, jogging, walking, or playing are the perfect exercise for you and your pup to do together.   


2. Dogs Help to Keep You Motivated

Most dogs enjoy going outside and sniffing and taking walks, therefore it is easy for them to keep you motivated. They are most always enthusiastic about going on an outing, walking, running or just riding in the car. Their enthusiasm is contagious and can inspire you to keep going. They can inspire you to go outside and get some fresh air. 


3. Dogs are Great for Outdoor Activities

I have never met a pup that is not willing to go outdoors. Even the least hyperactive dogs like to go outside. Whether you have a dog that is low energy or a pup that is high energy, they surely will not mind going outside. So whether you are taking a stroll in the park or hiking a trail in the mountains, dogs are your go-to buddy to aid you. They are the perfect companion to roam around in the outdoors.  

4. Dogs are Companionship

Anyone who has had the joy of having a dog or just being around a dog knows that they make noble companions. This is also true while outdoors. And anyone who has never had a workout buddy knows that trying to exercise alone can get lonely, and that doesn’t make for an enjoyable or consistent workout. Having a dog gives you the opportunity for socialization and companionship. Furthermore, a dog gives support and unconditional love. Having a dog around during a workout can make it a much happier and enjoyable experience.  

5. Dogs Can Challenge You

It can be hard to get motivated or remember in a busy week to make room to exercise. Most dogs challenge ourselves to get moving. Those sad, woeful puppy-dog-eyes will guilt you to go outside in minutes.


6. Exercise with Your Dog Can Strengthens your Relationship

The last reason dogs make amazing workout buddies is that exercising with your dog strengthens the human-canine bond. The more time and extracurricular activities you do together, the stronger the bond. Every time you need to depend on one another for comfort and safety, the bond will grow deeper. What a great reason to get up and exercise! 

Final Thoughts

If you have trouble getting your daily exercise, look to your dog for inspiration, motivation and companionship. We hope that you’ll take the time to spend quality time with your dog in the form of exercise and outdoor activities. For more great dog content please, follow New Life K9s blog. 

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