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Updated: Apr 25

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Every month there is something to celebrate. This is true for even the furry friends in our lives. The month of February holds many celebrations including President’s Day, Black History Month, and even National Cancer Prevention Month. But in this post, we will be focusing on our furry companions, because February is also Dog Training Education Month.

So What is Dog Training Education Month?

Dog Training Education Month is all about educating humans on being great pet parents and, of course, training a dog to be the best they can be. Dog training isn’t just a way to keep your pup obedient and well-behaved, it helps strengthen the connection between man and dog. Training helps keep pups in their loving homes and find their forever homes. Well-trained and behaved dogs make happier pets and also cultivate happier pet owners.

Benefits of having a well-trained dog:

  • Keeps  the animal safe

  • Keeps friends and family safe

  • Keeps property safe

  • Protects the emotional bond you and your pup share

Ultimately, having a well-trained dog is an overall good idea. It can further develop and strengthen the bond you share with your dog. 

 Some simple ways to celebrate this month

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or a ton of time to celebrate Dog Training Education Month. But you can take some simple steps to better train your dog and educate yourself on how to be a better pet parent.

  • Spending quality time with your dog

  • Finding time to teach them a trick

  • Socialize them with people and other dogs

  • Teach them some basic obedience

  • Teach them some basic commands

  • Teach them not to bark or lunge at other people or animals

We live in such a wonderfully connected world and there are a plethora of resources. We highly recommend reaching out to New Life K9s and Gentle Touch Pet Training for guidance and services.

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