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Updated: Apr 25

smiley dog with pointy ears

Have you ever wondered why some dog names just work? Why do some dog names sound better than others, or why do dogs respond so easily to their names? Well, a good dog name includes a bit of an artistic flare and a hint of science.

If you have ever wondered why some dog names simply work, keep reading as we dive into what makes a good dog name. One of the main things to be aware of when picking a good dog name is it'll be a name for your dog to know/understand when you call for their attention. Keeping your dog top of mind while naming him/her is the most important aspect.

American Kennel Club reveals, picking a short name is important. A short name consisting of one or two syllables makes the name easy for your pup to learn and understand. A longer name may run the risk of confusing your dog.

Other considerations when giving a pup a good dog name are:

  • Use a name that describes your pup

  • Use a name that he/she won’t grow out of

  • Consider picking a name that reflects your dog’s character

According to, there is science behind choosing a good dog name. For example, a good dog name has to do with how a dog will respond to it. Dog names should also have a hard consonant like “c” or “k” so a pup can easily distinguish it from other sounds. states that dog names that start with a T, D, or K are easier for dogs to understand. And according to the same article, a name that ends in a short “a” sound or a long “e” sound is more easily understood by your pup. In comparison, dog names that begin with an “s” or an “f” are more difficult for pups to understand. So a short, memorable name is best. 

So, to summarize, a great dog name is a short name consisting of 1 or 2 syllables. Names should be short and punchy, while not resembling any commands. Furthermore, a name that starts with a T, D, or K is the best for your dog to understand. 

Now that we know the elements that make a good dog name, let’s look at the most popular names from last year. 



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