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Service Dog in service vest

New Life K9s

Service Dogs for Veterans and First Responders living with PTSD

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Saving Lives Through the Healing Power of the Human-Canine Bond

New Life K9s is striving to prevent suicides, enrich relationships, reduce homelessness, save community resources, and decrease the reliance on medications. We believe in the transformative power of the

human-animal bond, and we want to ensure that those who have sacrificed so much for our communities can benefit from the companionship and support of a service dog without financial burden.

Dog handlers giving brown service dog in training a bath.


Recidivism of Incarcerated 

Dog Handlers

Patriotic Service Dog Black Labrador American Flag Valor New Life K9s next to military uni


Dogs Placed

With Veterans + First Responders

White labrador service dog in training with dog handler in store aisle.




New Life K9s Logo Giving Paws for Hope logo

New Life K9s presents our 2nd Annual 

Giving Paws for Hope Fundraiser

October, 19 2024

military uniform members hands

22 for


Veteran Suicide Prevention

22 Veterans die

by suicide everyday. Your donation could save a life

white labrador service dog in sitting postion



Service Dogs for PTSD

Learn more about our service dogs in training and how you can make a difference

dog handler handing off brown labrador's Little Debbie's leash to police chief Cash

Training Program

Incarcerated Rehabilitation

New Life K9s teams up with incarcerated individuals seeking to make a difference.

Help Us Make A Difference

We believe in the healing power of the human canine bond. Your donation can help us continue to create a brighter future for

veterans & first responders living with PTSD.

Veteran & First Responder Recipients 

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Thank You for Joining the New Life K9s Community!

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