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Service Dog Application

Thank you for your interest in New Life K9s!

Veterans and First Responders please complete the Assistance Dog Application portion.  Please give your physician the Applicant Medical History Form and ask them to complete it and mail it directly to New Life K9s. Your physician MUST send their section directly to New Life K9s for it to be accepted.

If you have any questions before filling out the application feel free to contact us

Please note that we cannot guarantee you will be matched with a service dog or warrior support dog. We also cannot guarantee time frames on how long the process will take.

*New Life K9s is currently only able to serve Veterans and First Responders in the following counties in California: San Luis Obispo, Monterey, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Fresno, Kings, and Kern. If you are not currently living in one of these counties please refer to our resources page to find other service dog organizations in your area. 

To start the application choose the online version or printable version below. 

Then print and give the following form to your medical provider to mail or fax directly to New Life K9s. (Be sure to complete the release at the top of the first page before giving the form to your medical provider. The last page of this document should be completed by the applicant.)

All applications should be sent to:

New Life K9s
P.O. Box 4412
San Luis Obispo, CA 93403


Attention: New Life K9s

Warrior Support Dog Application

Are you interested in one of our dogs who will not be graduated as a service dog? If so please follow the link to learn more and see if you are eligible to apply. (Warrior Support Dogs do not have the same public access as a Service Dog. Warrior Support Dogs are only allowed to go where any normal dog can go.)

New Life K9s is committed to eliminating discrimination on the basis of gender, age, disability, race, religion, sexuality or social class. We aim to provide service dogs, delivered in a way that respects the needs of each individual and does not exclude anyone. By demonstrating these beliefs New Life K9s ensures that it develops a service dog program that is diverse, and non discriminatory.

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