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Facility Dog Application

Thank you for your interest in being matched with one of our incredible facility dogs! Please read the instructions for applying carefully, as we cannot process applications until we have received all of the requested information. If you have any questions about the application process please email us at

Steps To Receiving A Facility Dog

  • The completed Facility Dog Application

  • The completed Facility Dog Handler Application(s)

  • A one-page letter stating the reasons for wanting a facility or therapy dog and how you feel the dog would benefit the target population of the applicant/organization. 

Before Applying


After the application is reviewed by our staff, you will be contacted for an interview to better understand the logistics surrounding the proposed program at your facility to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all parties. Once your application has been approved, you will be placed on our waitlist until we have a dog who is ready for placement. Please understand that we cannot guarantee a timeline as to when a dog will be available for placement with the facility. We will contact applicants when we have dogs available for placement.  


Once a potential match has been determined, the next step includes having the handler(s) complete social-style surveys. These would be completed by three people on behalf of the handler(s). Once we receive all the social style surveys we will contact the handler(s) to schedule additional interviews if needed. 


If the match is suitable the handler(s) will be invited to attend a client training bootcamp where New Life K9s staff will educate them, through lectures and hands-on classes, on how to communicate and work with their matched dog. There may also be the opportunity to receive additional instructions at the prison from the incarcerated dog handlers who have taught and cared for their dog up to this point. While attending classes our campus and prison rules will apply to participants. 

Please note that New Life K9s is a "non-smoking" campus.


Expenses you want to plan for include transportation, food, housing, and any other incidentals while attending the client training bootcamp. Once you graduate with your dog, you will be responsible for the ongoing costs of caring for your new partner including food, grooming, and veterinary expenses. 


We cannot guarantee your facility will be matched with a facility dog. We also cannot guarantee time frames on how long the process will take.

*New Life K9s is currently only able to serve organizations in the following counties in California: San Luis Obispo, Monterey, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Fresno, Kings, and Kern. If you are not currently living in one of these counties please refer to our resources page to find other service dog organizations in your area. 

Facility Dog Application

Start your Online Applicaiton by clicking below.

Dog Handler Application

Start your Online Applicaiton by clicking below.

New Life K9s is committed to eliminating discrimination on the basis of gender, age, disability, race, religion, sexuality, or social class. We aim to provide service dogs, delivered in a way that respects the needs of each individual and does not exclude anyone. By demonstrating these beliefs New Life K9s ensures that it develops a service dog program that is diverse, and non-discriminatory.

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