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Updated: Apr 25

dogs observing from edge of boat

As the summer season approaches, boating trips with your furry companion may be a tempting idea. However, before you embark on your next adventure, it's important to ensure that your pup stays safe while onboard. Boating can pose some serious hazards for dogs, and being prepared can prevent any potential accidents or injuries. In this blog, we will be discussing five essential tips to help keep your four-legged friend safe and sound while you enjoy your day on the water. From safety gear to hydration, read on to learn how to keep your furry friend secure during your boating adventure.

Invest in a Dog Life JacketJust like people wear life jackets, so should your furry friend. Be sure the life jacket is snug on your dog,so there is no chance they will fall out of it. In addition, when picking out a life jacket for your dog, makesure it has a handle so you can easily lift your dog out of the water if it falls in.Hydration, Hydration, HydrationBe sure to take plenty of fresh water for your dog. The sun can be draining, and drinking plenty of waterwhile you’re out is essential.

Keep an eye on deck temperaturesIf you will be in the sun for an extended period, it’s important to check the deck temperature. Dogs’ pawsare very sensitive, and they can burn quickly. You may want to purchase shoes for your dog.Subsequently, having some shade will help your dog cool off.

Caution while the boat is movingWe’ve all seen a dog with its head stuck out the window of a vehicle. Being on a boat is another place adog will want to have its head facing into the wind. Make sure your dog isn’t sitting near the boat’s edge.If you are driving at high speeds, a quick turn could cause your pup to fall into the water and be hurt. Tryto keep your dog on the flat part of the boat.

SunscreenYes, even a dog needs sunscreen as it can burn quickly, especially with short hair. Consult your local vetfor dog sunscreen. Also, it’s essential to keep your dog safe from mosquitos. Your vet could recommend adog-friendly bug repellant. Taking your pet on the boat can be fun for both of you. Be sure to take precautions so your furry friendhas a good experience.

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