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New Year is a time of new beginnings, resolutions, and celebrations. But this joyous holiday can be a real scare fest for the furry creatures of the neighborhood. Loud music, crowded neighborhoods, possibly intoxicated drivers, and midnight fireworks are all concerns for house pets. 

This week we will give you tips to keep your service animal calm and cozy this New Year’s Eve. If you don’t have a service animal you can still get some great key info from this post.

Before we plunge into our tips for keeping your pet safe during the New Year’s holiday, let’s look at some reasons a dog may feel distressed during this holiday:

  • Loud noises

  • Unfamiliar places

  • Large crowds

  • More traffic

  • Change in a routine

These are all factors that can lead to stress, fear or even a case of running and bolting, therefore, it is imperative for you to make sure your dog or animal is safe during the holiday.

Let’s get into our tips for keeping your service dog safe during the switch to 2023.


On New Year’s Eve, it is advisable to get your dog’s daily exercise, walk, etc. done early in the day or even the day before. This is because you will want to avoid any early celebratory ruckus that is happening in your city or your neighborhood. Some celebrations can last all day and well into the night, so we recommend taking this into account when you need to go out with your dog.


If you have a service animal and need to go out for your normal activities, consider getting them done either before New Year’s Eve or early that day. This will help prevent any exposure to loud and disruptive noises and behavior from the public.


During this hectic time, it is a splendid idea to designate a safe place for your pup. This space should be a quiet, secure, and safe place for your dog to be segregated from any guests. The idea is to keep them in a safe place away from outside noise and commotion. You want your pup to be shielded from any loud noises such as fireworks.


In a time of excitement, we suggest you try to keep your dog entertained until it is time for bed. This will keep them busy and distracted from any outside hustle and bustle. 


During New Year’s, it is especially imperative to ensure that all tags and identifying information are up to date. This is important just in case you have a runaway pup during the holiday. You want to make sure that your pup can easily be identified and returned.

If possible, invest in a GPS tracker so that you can easily find your pet on your own. These days, you can purchase GPS tracking devices that conveniently hook to a collar or even a whole collar that has a GPS embedded in it. These devices may give you some extra peace of mind in case of an accidental escape. Even the most diligent and watchful handler can experience accidents and unfortunate events. A gate left open by or a door left ajar can easily become an escape route if your pup wonders or gets scared.

Final Thoughts

If you are going to have guests over for a New Year’s Eve bash, make sure that your pup is in their safe place and be careful of the comings and goings of guests. You will want to monitor your entrances if you cannot keep them in a separate room. We hope that you have a fun and safe holiday as we roll into the New Year, but please remember to be aware of the needs of your pets during this celebratory time.

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