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About Bravo

Hey there! My name is Bravo. I was born on August 4, 2018. When I was eight weeks old I took a long road trip from Arizona to California. Upon my arrival I entered my new home, Soledad’s most finest, CTF Men’s Prison. I love it here, I love all the people, I love all my dog friends - all 6 of them to be exact, and I love all the learning I get to do here. So far I find snuggling, wrestling with Country, he is closest to my age, and learning new things to be amongst my favorite activities. My most advanced skills I know so far are opening doors and caring items for my people. My handlers think I am the smartest dog in this place, but shhh don’t let my friends know. Although I am enjoying life right now, I am anxiously awaiting my future promotion to Service Dog.

From Bravo's Handlers

"Having Bravo means that I am willing to give my very best, so that he, a very young impressionable puppy, can become his very best. Bravo means to me, that together, our love and trust will help everyone along the road be more excited about life just as I am today. He's helping me be more consistent and willing to seek guidance and be kinder in life by being more thoughtful in my responsibilities and being accountable in my daily choices. He's helping me be a better person." - Antonio

"Bravo is more than just a dog. He's my kid, my friend and my life-line to the outside. He's a source of love and connection to the outside. He's a source of love and kinship that helps me feel connected to society. Bravo allows me to work on my selflessness, compassion and patience...which I know I could not get any other way while being locked up. He, NLK9s, and this program have been a huge blessing in my life. Bravo has helped open back up my heart, think outside myself, feel normal, and develop a nurturing bond that's brought joy and purpose back to my life. I have no doubt in my mind that Bravo has helped accelerate my rehabilitation and my ability to grow overall. I still can't believe I have a dog in prison! Crazy!" - Eric

"For me, NLK9s has saved me from me and taught me how to grieve not alone, grieving is a part of life that I avoided at all cost, mainly my soul. I walled it off, so I didn't feel ANYTHING. This program saved me from me and maybe saved my life." -Dave H.


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