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We have raised $175.60 of our $10,000.00  goal.

*as of 12/7/2020

About Country

Howdy ya’ll! The name is Country and my breed is handsome, aka Golden Retriever. I was born on March 29, 2018. My favorite things are wrestling with my BFF Roofus and napping on the cool floor. I love it at New Life K9s. I’ve heard that I am being taught to become a service dog one day. To me, it just seems like I’m having fun with the people I love. When I grow up, I get to help someone who needs me. I can’t wait!

From Country's Handlers

“When I set out to teach Country, I didn't expect that I would be the one learning. However, that is exactly what happened. When I witness him discover something new, it’s like I’m seeing that thing for the first time. He has a brilliant soul and is going to be an amazing service dog to someone. I am humble to be part of this journey...” - Greg Faulk

“ Being part of Country's life and journey has given me back hope. Through his unconditional love and affection he has reminded me of a side I thought I lost. He has helped me see how broken I was and has started to make me feel whole again. Country is destined to help heal, feel loved, and save someone's life. I'm blessed to have this opportunity, because of Country and NLK9s, to make amends in this world.....” - J.P

From Country's Recipient

"Thanks again for all your help!  We love this giant love-bug so much. It’s the first time in my life Besides when Peyton was a baby where I wake up happy. He always wakes me up with a toy in his mouth and trying to wiggle his tail and show me his baby while smiling. He is so sweet and loving. I can’t believe how blessed I am and now lucky I am to have gotten Country. He’s Pure Joy.” - Shannon, Veteran

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