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Team Sonny

About Sonny

Sonny's my name! My birthday is October 15, 2016. I was enrolled in NLK9s teaching school to achieve my goals of becoming a service dog. My education gave me choices, something most other training schools don’t offer. I can do what they can do, but I can do it better and am capable of much much more! I was a bit of a celebrity at CTF, I melted everyone's heart. Well gotta go, my favorite activity is calling. Squirrel!

From Sonny's Handlers

“Sonny has given me purpose and responsibility. By educating him he has given me the ability to laugh, love and trust. He has truly changed and blessed my life. He will be an amazing service dog and even better friend, Love You Sonny Boy.....” - Tony

“ I will always be thankful to NLK9s and to Sonny for the opportunity and trust to teach him to be a service dog that will save someone’s life. What I’ve learned along the way, is that it would be my life he would save first....” - Rob

See Sonny's Progress Below

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