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February 13, 2020

The Value of Service Dogs

by Louie

This week was a good week as the Operation Gratitude was such a success. Hearing how how the dogs have impacted everyone’s lives in such a positive way illustrates the value of service dogs. Having all the dogs here at PVSP is such a blessing and I know all of us who have been chosen to be dog handlers are truly appreciative and thankful to NLK9s and the opportunity given. I cannot express how much I am thankful for being Rowan’s handler. He brings so much joy and happiness into my life, from the moment I wake up in the morning to the moment I go to sleep. Teaching Rowan to be a successful service dog is inspirational and I truly put my heart and soul into it because I want him to grow up and do magnificent things for someone else’s life. I didn’t want to journal much about what I have been working on with Rowan this week, although whatever feedback I get back from the weekend communicator is what we primarily work on to benefit Rowan’s success. This week’s journal I did want to express personal thoughts and feelings on everything and share that with you all.

Inmate handler Louie is working with Rowan at Pleasant Valley State Prison in Fresno County.

Click the link below to view Rowan's personal page.

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